Reflexology for Pain

Reflexology is fast becoming one of the most popular treatments for back and joint pain today, although it isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind.

As reported recently in The Telegraph and The Times,  Reflexology may well be just as effective as mild painkillers such as Aspirin or Ibruprofen.

How Reflexology Works for Pain

Reflexology stimulates more than 7,000 different nerve endings on your feet in a single session, increasing their function and reactivity, which could interrupt or alter the way you feel pain. In turn the pain relieving qualities of reflexology means you feel better quicker which speeds up your physical recovery allowing you to live a fuller life.

In fact, researchers  at the University of Portsmouth found people felt around 40% less pain and were able to stand pain for around 45% longer when they were given reflexology.

Dr Carol Samuel, a trained reflexologist carried out the research as part of her PhD studies and it was the first time that a complementary therapy had been scientifically tested in clinical trials as a treatment for pain.

She says the results suggested that Reflexology for Pain could be used to complement conventional drug therapy in conditions such as back pain and osteoarthritis joint pain.

Reflexology and Chronic Pain

As well as providing relief for back and joint pain, Reflexology for Pain may also provide relief for migraines and headaches. As the therapy works by relieving tension in the muscles, conditions where stress and tension are the main cause can be greatly improved.

Any pain condition which lasts longer than three months is seen as chronic. Reflexology may work for you to help relieve your chronic pain, maybe even pain that has been with you for years. Chronic pain conditions can also cause low mood, depression and anxiety which ultimately can affect the immune system function. Reflexology may  help to address these issues too. Where there is long lasting pain the nervous system has become over-sensitised and regular reflexology may help to calm this pain cycle.  Please get in touch if you would like to discuss whether this therapy may help you.

Reflexology does not claim to cure, diagnose or prescribe.


  • 50 minute session – £45
  • Course of 3 sessions – £125

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