“Catherine is lovely! She makes you feel so relaxed and I can highly recommend the pregnancy massage and maternity reflexology.”
Jenny from Gosport

“I was given a gift voucher for reflexology, the best present I could have received. It is the most relaxing experience and my health has improved immeasurably.”
Wendy from Fareham

“I thought I would try reflexology after months of suffering with digestive problems. I’m so glad I did as the pain I was getting has reduced considerably, I’m sleeping better and I have more energy. I also feel more relaxed in myself.”
Clare from Titchfield

“Catherine is a fabulous therapist who works hard to make your experience comforting and therapeutic. My chronic symptoms are much better since having regular reflexology. I always look forward to it and highly recommend the therapy.”
Freddie from Gosport

Catherine is a very professional and friendly reflexologist who always caters to her clients needs.  I have been so impressed over the years, it is very hard to find someone locally that is so caring, patient and talented in this field.”
Emma from Gosport

“I have loved my course of maternity reflexology. It has relaxed me so much during the difficult 3rd trimester. My labour was short which I’m sure had something to do with the treatments!”
Jenny from Fareham

“Thank you so much for my reflexology treatments, I really think they helped me to have an amazing birth experience.”
Michelle from Locksheath

“I think regular reflexology helped with my pregnancy aches and pains. Absolutely loved the ‘me’ time and will be back just for pleasure and pure relaxation.”
Laura from Botley

Thank you Catherine for a wonderful pregnancy massage. I felt so pampered and relaxed. My back pain has eased too!” 
Lucy from Fareham

“I have been seeing Catherine about once a month since 16 weeks pregnant and have loved every single one of my treatments! Epitome of relaxation and Catherine is lovely. Thoroughly recommend.”
Amanda from Fareham

“After trying to conceive for over two years, I had a course of reflexology having heard it could help fertility. Six months later I found out I was pregnant. I believe that feeling less stressed and more balanced really helped. Catherine was always so supportive too!”
Hannah from Wickham

“Having reflexology alongside fertility treatment at hospital has been so helpful. It has helped me through such a stressful time and made me feel much more positive and relaxed.”
Louise from Titchfield

“After years of trying to conceive and failed pregnancies, I became pregnant after 6 months of regular reflexology and went on to have a healthy baby. I am convinced it put my mind and body in a much better place and helped make my dream become a reality.”
Catherine from Portsmouth

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