Fertility Reflexology

I offer fertility reflexology from my treatment room in Lee on the Solent, Hampshire.

If you are trying to conceive and nothing seems to be happening, you may find you start to feel more stressed and emotional. Fertility reflexology can help support you both physically and emotionally.

Stress is a complex condition which affects almost all parts of the body in some way. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that it may affect fertility. Cortisol (a hormone released in response to stress) can reduce the production of two hormones vital to conception. Reflexology relaxes the nervous system and balances the hormones and as such is thought to be an effective therapy for encouraging conception and a complementary therapy to medical fertility treatment such as IVF and IUI.

Fertility Reflexology HampshireBalanced hormones encourage regular menstruation, promotes ovulation, reduces PMS symptoms and can help relieve the symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis.

Many couples find the process of trying to conceive a stressful time, some have had previous traumatic experiences which bring fear and anxiety. Reflexology may help to calm the mind and ease these stresses and give you much needed time to unwind to help you along your conception journey.

Recent research suggests that on average around 50% of clients receiving reflexology for fertility issues become pregnant within six months of starting treatment. However, as with all fertility treatments, medical and complementary, there are no guarantees. Reflexology works in a cumulative way so a commitment to attending regular sessions is recommended.

With plenty of experience of treating clients and many hours of research and study into fertility issues, I will use the medical information you give me to tailor a unique treatment for you.

Reflexology can be safely used alongside medical fertility treatment such as IVF and IUI and all sessions will focus on key reflexes involved in reproductive health, and help to bring them into balance.

At the first appointment a confidential medical and emotional wellbeing form will be completed to ensure I have full details of your expectations of the treatment. Please allow at least one hour for the initial appointment so there is plenty of time for you to relax after the session, have a drink, discussion of the treatment and to receive aftercare advice.


  • 50 minute session – £45
  • Course of 3 sessions – £125

My Lee on the Solent treatment room is perfectly located for local residents in Hill Head, Fareham, Stubbington, Gosport and Alverstoke.