Indian Head Massage

I offer Indian Head Massage from my treatment room in Lee on the Solent, Hampshire.

Indian Head Massage Lee on Solent FarehamIndian Head Massage is a therapeutic massage of the neck, shoulders, head and face. It is effective for relieving tension that can cause pain and muscle tightness, headaches and migraines.  As well as being deeply relaxing, it can also revitalise you if you feel constantly tired and lack energy.

The facial massage involves the massage of acupressure points on the face which enhance your well being and help you feel balanced and refreshed. This therapy is also suitable in pregnancy and the whole treatment can be given sitting comfortably in a chair.

If you are suffering from neck and shoulder pain or frequent headaches, Indian Head Massage could really benefit you.

What to expect from a Head Massage Session

At the initial appointment we will complete a confidential medical and emotional wellbeing form, to ensure I have full details of how you are hoping the treatment can help you. You will be made comfortable in a chair and offered a towelling wraparound gown to wear, which exposes your upper back. There is no need to remove trousers or leggings/tights. Oils used on the hair are optional, but can really help to improve the condition of dry, damaged hair and a dry scalp. For the facial massage you will be offered the choice of nourishing Neal’s Yard Remedies facial oils which help to improve skin condition. The facial acupressure massage can be given laying on a massage couch to end the treatment deeply relaxed. Please allow enough time after the treatment to fully relax, have a drink and receive some aftercare advice.


  • Eases headaches
  • Reduces tension and stiffness in neck, shoulders and upper back.
  • Reduces tension in the scalp
  • Promotes deep relaxation/stress reliever
  • Improves concentration
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves hair/scalp condition


  • 45 mins – £40
  • 60 mins – £45

My Lee on the Solent treatment room is perfectly located for local residents in Hill Head, Fareham, Stubbington, Gosport and Alverstoke.